DE&I for improved performance

With Intelligence ESG Symposium | 28 April 2022

As diversity, equity and inclusion becomes an increasingly topical conversation within boardrooms, this panel discussion will explore:

Benefits of team diversity - diverse teams as an enabler for improved operational and financial performance.

Recruiting and retaining diverse talent – providing managerial training, team building activities and work from home initiatives.

Overcoming bias - leveraging NLP technology for improved screenings of applicants during the recruitment process.

SEC guidance and recommendations for diversity & inclusion.


Sara Schroeder, SVP, People and Development, Backstop Solutions

Jacqueline Taiwo, Co-Founder & CEO, Black Women in Asset Management (BWAM)

Paul Thompson, Founder, LGBT Capital

Rima Sen, Director, Credit Management Research, WTW

Sam Patmore, Senior Content Manager, With Intelligence - Moderator

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