The transition to net zero

This panel discussion will explore various government initiatives and standards set out by regulators to encourage greater sustainability within businesses, and additional strategies to improve business sustainability.

Topics of conversation include:

  • How have the recent events have impacted the global transition to Net Zero?
  • Should frameworks be designed at a company/industry or even country level
  • What is needed from frameworks and business for further harmonisation?
  • We have moved from narrative to action, now its time for accountability, what should hedge funds now be doing in terms of accountability?
  • Case study examples of how the goal of Net Zero into business pratices


  • Tim Lord, Head of Climate Change, The Phoenix Group
  • Carlos Arcila-Barrer, Founder & CIO, Sigma Advanced
  • Eliot Whittington, Director of Corporate Leaders Groups, Cambridge Institute for Sustainability.
  • Carmen Bamford, Head of Event Content, With Intelligence - Moderator

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