Innovative CRM solutions for investor relationships and research management

Industry specific solutions

Made for asset management. FolioMetrics supports firms at every stage of their lifecycle. The FolioMetrics team have over 50 years’ experience developing and implementing CRM software for investment managers. 

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Simplify your process

Spend your time moving conversations forward. FolioMetrics equips your sales team with the tools to deepen customers connections, both creating and closing more pipelines. 

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For Managers

Streamline your workflow and enhance investor experience

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Administrator Integration

FolioMetrics integrates with all common fund administrators, automating a feed of client holdings and transactions. 

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Client Portals

Share a fully branded portal with investors and prospects – a secure and scalable way to share information.

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Investor Reporting

Automate the production of factsheets and other client reports to save time and increase the quality of your communications. 

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Investor classification, approval workflows and advanced reporting. Create user groups to ring fence data sets across business roles. 

For Investors

Take control of research data and relationships

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Report templates that are ready to use out of the box or are easily tailored to meet your needs.

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Analyze performance, risk and correlation statistics. Use flexible views to compare funds and benchmarks. 

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Document Management

A powerful, scalable and customizable repository for research and investment documentation

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Due Diligence

Automate the process of requesting and indexing due diligence questionnaires. Spot and monitor trends via reporting

With Intelligence data integration

Enhance and enrich investors’ data in your CRM using With Intelligence’s manager and investor data.

The combination of With Intelligence and FolioMetrics make it easy to action proprietary investor intelligence within your CRM.

Enrich your data with additional information to nurture relationships and open doors. With additional information and valuable context provided by With Intelligence you avoid wasting time on the wrong investors and focus on those who are a match for you.

Information from With Intelligence that you can now view alongside existing data:

  • Investor overview (Company information)
  • Investment preferences and intentions
  • Key contacts and contact details
  • Current fund roster
  • RFPs
  • Latest intel articles where the investor is tagged
FolioMetrics Integration

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