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Use our tools to find and use data relevant to you and your business needs. 

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Now Feed

This is your main feed, helping you navigate through the data on the platform. Personalized to show relevant information based on companies, topics and people you follow. 


Your Watchlist powers your platform experience. Follow topics, profiles and people that interest you to personalise your Now Feed and set up custom alerts. 

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Relevancy algorithms tool illustration

Relevancy algorithms

Based on your Watchlist, we show you only the most relevant data and signals in your Now Feed. 

Custom database layouts

Create custom data sets using filters and data settings and save them as Layouts, allowing you to refresh searches easily. 

Custom database layouts illustration
Target lists illustration

Target lists

Create custom lists of profiles; these appear in your dashboard for easy access. You can also edit and export the data. 

Custom benchmarks

See how different funds compare by creating custom benchmarks against your competitors or funds you are interested in.  

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Data exploration

Use our tools to explore data and find what you need

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Filters & search

Create custom data sets by filtering the database based on your criteria. You can also search for specific manager, funds, investor, or consultant profiles. 


Select which information that you want to export in the format that works for you. You can also preview your data before export to make sure you have the right data points.

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Profiles data illustration


We have detailed profiles for investors, consultants, managers, funds and people.  

Trends & connections

We highlight trends and connections within the data via Signals and links to profiles within your Now Feed.

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How you can use our tools

Our tools help you use the platform to achieve your business goals. See how our tools can help you.  

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Hit your fundraising targets faster

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Make better allocating decisions


Identify the right prospects to grow your business