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Conduct evidence-based assessment of investment products 

New investors network

Review 6,000 investment products

Search and analyse investment products

750+ asset managers listed

Identify top performing and specialist managers 

For Asset Managers

Showcase your strategies 

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600+ institutional clients

Get your strategies in front of potential investors 

Accessed by 2,700 institutional investors

Build your brand by sharing thought leadership in The Knowledge Bank 

Create a buy list with Assisted searches

Use Assisted Searches via CAMRADATA to create buy lists, assign mandates or complete specific research across asset classes. 

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Used by 600+ institutional clients

Anonymously gather qualitive and quantitative information about managers 

750+ asset managers listed on CAMRADATA Live

Save time by only reviewing managers that fit your criteria  

Assisted Searches run for over $2 bn worth of mandates on behalf of allocators globally

Review your results and create your buy list