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Exclusively for allocators. Researched by our analysts and journalists, Allocate With gives you curated, relevant and exclusive intel. 

Follow manager activity and performance

Keep track of new launches, fund performance, and all the people moves. 

Performance across portfolio strategy

100+ new launches reported each month

Identify new managers that should be on your radar and get intel on those offering more transparency. 

400 industry indices spanning all our asset classes

See how the managers you are following stack up 

150 people moves reported a month

Track investment talent and see who is moving where

A comprehensive view of your peer’s investment actions

Asset allocation, hiring and firing, and the market outlook 

Benchmark fund performance asset allocation

Immediate, daily or weekly or updates

Follow Managers, Fund and People via your Watchlist and create custom alerts. 

Relevancy based on your Watchlist or most recently published

Filter your Now feed based on what information is important to you 

12,000 white papers and research reports

In-depth coverage of the market outlook, investment processes and asset allocation via Savvy Investor. 

Create a buy list with Assisted Searches

Assisted Searches via CAMRADATA help institutional investors create buy lists, assign mandates or complete specific research across asset classes. 

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Used by 600+ institutional clients

Anonymously gather qualitive and quantitative information about managers 

750+ asset managers listed on CAMRADATA Live

Save time by only reviewing managers that fit your criteria  

Assisted Searches run for over $2 bn worth of mandates on behalf of allocators globally

Review your results and create your buy list  

The Allocator

The brainchild of Leanna Orr, an award-winning financial journalist and editor, this combo of information and entertainment is not to be missed. 

The Allocator With Intelligence

Exclusive member content

Published twice a week and only available via Allocate With 

More than news

The latest industry scoops, unposted job searches, vetted intelligence, and valued opinions 

Never miss an issue

Fully searchable archive on Allocate With 

The Allocator Prizes

October 17, 2024, New York

Honoring the people, teams and partners uplifting institutional investors. Presented by The Allocator, selected by industry luminaries.

Enjoy an evening of celebration and entertainment at the Rainbow Room in New York City. With Manhattan’s skyline as your backdrop, it is the perfect location to celebrate the elite of institutional investing over dinner and cocktails.

You’re warmly invited to attend the awards ceremony as the winners are revealed.

Allocators are invited to attend the Prizes for free. Request a ticket, or find out more about our exclusive sponsorship and other networking and table options for asset managers here.

The Allocator Prizes venue