How can fund managers use data? 

This panel discussion explores how fund managers can use data to improve ESG practices:

As the demand for ESG data continues to increase, this panel discussion how explore how fund managers:

  • The role of data analytics and AI in improving research and engagement.
  • Data acquisition – the growth of data sets and how to benchmark service providers.
  • Data for improved portfolio management – how can fund managers use data to improve the ESG performance of portfolio companies?
  • How can alternative data sets be used to better understand the impact of ESG on portfolios?
  • Data applications for business - how can data management platforms help support internal ESG initiatives?


Ken Read, CRO, BipSync

Adam Lewicki, Chief Risk Officer, Head of Quantitative Strategies, Carlson Capital

Megan Herzl, Senior Content Manager, With Intelligence - Moderator

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