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These additional Savvy Investor privacy terms apply to members of Savvy Investor and apply in addition to the With Intelligence Privacy Policy.    If there is a conflict between these Savvy Investor privacy terms and the With Intelligence Privacy Policy, then these Savvy Investor privacy terms shall prevail to the extent of the conflict.


Savvy Investor ( is a ‘knowledge network’ for institutional investors and their service providers. The site is operated by With Intelligence Limited, a company incorporated in England and registered under UK data protection legislation as a data controller, with registration reference ZB495642.

Why and how we use your personal information

A professional knowledge network is built upon the sharing of personal data.  We collect and process personal data from members to allow the site to function effectively; allowing you to display your user profile on the site, allowing members to search for relevant information, and allowing us to send you routine emails, notifications, newsletters and so forth as described further below.  Save as otherwise provided below, the lawful basis for such processing is that it is necessary for the legitimate purpose of running the site and providing the services to you and our other members.

Routine emails

We use your information to send you routine emails such as welcome messages, password-related messages, website announcements and so forth.

Tailoring the site to your interests

We use your personal information to create a more personalized experience, tailored to your interests. Your topic preferences are used to determine the content and advertisements that you see on the site, including, without limitation, articles, papers, conferences, and banner ads. If you prefer to receive a non-personalised service, you may adjust your topic preferences by selecting all topics.

Personalised newsletters, thematic emails and promotions

We will use your information to send you tailored content: a weekly email newsletter, tailored to your interests and profile and occasional thematic or promotional emails tailored to your interests and profile. You may opt in or opt out of receiving such communications through the ‘Preferences’ and then the “Email Preferences” section of the site.

Email Notifications

We will use your information to send you site notifications: activity relevant to you on the site, such as notifications relating to the operation of the site. You may opt in or opt out of receiving such communications through the ‘preferences’ section of the site.

Your choices regarding your information

You may view and edit your user preferences on the Site to control the following:

a. The frequency with which you receive a newsletter tailored to your interests

b. To opt out of receiving newsletters or marketing emails, sent by us on behalf of third party advertisers and carefully tailored to your interests.

c. Whether our ‘Partners’ can receive information about you You may set your browser to restrict the use of Cookies. However, this may result in difficulty in using certain aspects of the Website.

You may set your browser to restrict the use of Cookies. However, this may result in difficulty in using certain aspects of the Website.

Sharing your personal information with our ‘partners’

In order to provide the site as a free service to members, Savvy Investor partners with a number of asset management companies and other service providers (collectively, ‘Partners’). When you download Partner content, we may share with them details from your user profile, including your name, job title, company, location, email address, and preferences. We will also share the title of the content you downloaded and when it was downloaded. However, we will only share this information when you consent as follows:

“Whenever we offer Partner content for download, we will display a disclosure, informing you that by downloading the content, you agree to share your contact information with the Partner and to potential follow-up communication. We will only share your information with the Partner if you then proceed to take affirmative action by downloading the content.

The Partner will use this information to build a better picture of who is downloading their content. They may also contact you directly by email for business purposes.

Sharing personal information with Company Managers and other colleagues

If you register on the site as an employee of a company or partnership, your employer may have a ‘Company Manager’ who controls the roles and permissions of employees on the site. We may disclose your membership to other colleagues from your employer, when such information is requested.

How to update, correct or remove your personal information

You may view, edit or delete the personal information that you have provided to us through your User Profile and Settings pages. If your information changes or becomes inaccurate, we ask you promptly to update it.  You may ask us to correct any data relating to you by emailing

You may close your account and remove all content owned by you by emailing Upon termination of membership, your personal data will no longer be visible on the site, but your data will remain archived in our database for 6 years, in order to enable us to comply with any unanticipated information request from any regulatory authority.

You may also ask us to delete all of your Personal Information, or remove consent for processing your personal information, by emailing Your information will no longer appear on the Website and we will remove your information from our ‘live’ internal databases. However, because we ‘back up’ the data stored on our systems, such prior information will not be removed from our archived databases.

You have the right to access or take your personal data at any time, by emailing us at

Questions, complaints and contact.

If you have any privacy related questions or concerns, you can contact us by email at