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Find better matches. Boost your profile. Build your knowledge. Grow your relationships.

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Spot your next opportunity and get their attention. Arm yourself with the information you need. Get inside the minds of investors and sharpen your asset raising edge. With more targeted investors, more valuable data and more tailored connections.

With Intelligence, KPTL Asset Management won two mandates in just 4 months.

Find better matches.

Work with richer investor profiles. We tell you what makes them tick and what connects you. Get exclusive coverage of investors’ future plans, see their selection criteria and access events where you can forge new relationships. Find better matches, With Intelligence.

Boost your profile.

We think performance should be rewarded. People should take notice when your fund does well. List your fund and enter our awards to get their attention. Our awards are respected because they’re objective; they’re just about the numbers. Get seen at our global events. Boost your profile, With Intelligence.

Build your knowledge.

Knowledge is power. The more you know, the stronger your position. We are industry insiders and we put you at the heart of our active investment community. We have data scientists, analysts and journalists checking fund performance, creating strategy specific reports and providing analysis. Build your knowledge, With Intelligence.

Grow your relationships.

Information opens doors. You can use our intelligence to draw in prospects and develop your client relationships. You can keep track of what your clients are doing. Quickly spot changes to their intentions. Track how well their other investments are performing. Grow your relationships, With Intelligence.

Four annual retreats, one purpose.

To connect you with major players.

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You’re a senior member of the business development team. You want to meet decision makers from top institutions. Our partnerships are the answer. Four annual retreats, attended by the preeminent players of the industry. Enjoy extraordinary access in a highly exclusive setting.

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