Hong Kong Residents

Our personal data usage guidelines.

If we need to use your personal data for a purpose which is unrelated to the purpose for which we originally collected your personal data, we will ask for your consent before processing your data for any unrelated purposes.

Events and webinars.

We process personal data in order to effectively manage, organise and run our events and webinars. Where you sign up to attend one of our events or webinars, we may also request and collect information about your relevant interests and preferences. With your consent, we will use this information to help us make decisions about the kind of events, webinars and any services or products you might be interested in hearing about from us and will use this information for marketing purposes.


We use third party agencies, data research companies and our own internal team to actively identify people who we believe are likely to find our events, services products useful. Our team and our third party researchers look for and source business contact details and information about an individual’s job role both online (using publicly available resources and websites), through networking activities and from details collected from previous event attendees, newsletter subscribers and users of our products.

The consent of the relevant individual, we use those business contact details to send event invites and emails about relevant industry news. We always include an unsubscribe link at the bottom of any such email which we send, so that you can let us know if you do not wish to receive any further marketing emails

Your rights.

Points (d) to (g) under the heading “Your Rights” do not apply to you. However, you are able to opt-out of direct marketing.