HFM is now the hedge fund offering of With Intelligence.

But while the brand HFM becomes With, the product HFM continues, keeping you up to date, informed, and connected with the hedge fund industry. If you’re a member looking to login, you can do that below.

So who are With Intelligence?

Well, put simply, we’re an information exchange. We connect investors and managers to the people and insight-enriched data they need to raise and allocate assets.

We are a global team of industry insiders, data scientists, analysts, journalists, technologists and product developers. Diverse in thought and expertise, we are united by a hunger to know more. With many points of view, we aim to see a fuller picture.

We share the data you need to spot your next big opportunity and insights that give you an edge.  Online and at real world events, we connect you to leaders that inspire and the people and partners who can help you achieve your goals.

Get in touch if you’d like to know more about With, and what this change means for you.