Hedge Funds in H1 2022

Hedge Fund Report For H1 2022


Hedge funds faced a challenging half-year during H1 2022 as geo-political and macroeconomic events sparked chaos and a rare, concerted sell-off in stocks and bonds. However, this is not the sudden shock of Covid-hit H1 2020 but rather a steady, negative development during the past three quarters. However, hedge funds have still fared better than US large-cap stocks, for example, and there is an opportunity to take advantage of the volatility and weak economic forecasts and outperform.

Over the course of H1 With Intelligence has released 923 stories, helping to connect investors and managers to the people and insight-enriched data they need to raise and allocate assets. We bring together some of the industry’s most trusted hedge fund products (HFM and Eurekahedge), and with our databases, events providers and news outlets, our hedge fund offering leaves no stone unturned in the hedge fund industry. Below is a list of the top ten most read stories in H1 on our hedge fund platform.

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