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Our Allocate With intelligence offering, and our premium, curated events, deliver unrivalled insights and experiences to our allocator membership.

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Allocate With

Our new intelligence solution for allocators – only available to members.

This exciting new product includes “The Allocator” – the highly-renowned newsletter covering rumours and the inside stories for news-hungry investors, written by Leanna Orr.

Also included is our forward-looking stream of fresh intel. Researched by our experienced analysts, we give you news and intelligence, that focuses on what’s about to happen, not yesterday’s news.

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Get curated, relevant and exclusive stories and data on:

  • Allocators’ investment actions, asset allocation calls, plus hiring and firing, for a comprehensive view on peers and competitors

  • What asset managers are up to, including: product development and launches, high-level fund summaries, the standout positive or negative performances, curated indices, key people moves and new strategies – all with a focus on new managers that you need on your radar, and the firms offering less transparency

Allocate With also includes:

  • a daily summary of stories sent to your inbox

  • your regular, twice-weekly fix of The Allocator, plus the full searchable archive

The Allocator

Delivering the latest industry scoops, unposted job searches, vetted intelligence, and valued opinion, The Allocator is more than a newsletter.

Available only to approved members, it’s published twice a week, and is now published via our new Allocate With members only intel service.

The Allocator is the brainchild of Leanna Orr, an award-winning financial journalist and editor. Leanna was the first woman to run Institutional Investor’s newsroom and she’s extensively published elsewhere. Her views have been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Bloomberg View, Barron’s, Vice, the Dallas Morning News and London’s Evening Standard.

“This is PRICELESS. This combo of info+tainment cannot be replicated and everyone knows it.”

Leanna Orr

A range of premium, curated events, for allocators

We have years of experience in delivering events that allocators want to be at including a series of exclusive retreats.

  • Protected ratios of investors to managers for the optimum experience
  • Bespoke events for women in venture capital and private equity
  • Global scope – over 20 events held across the globe