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Expand your knowledge. Develop your network. Showcase your firm. Get better information. Discover innovation.

Run your fund to the highest operational standards.

Take advantage of our renowned summits, awards and intelligence. Deepen your connections in the industry. Boost the profile of your fund. Get the information and insights you need to make the best strategic decisions, and run your fund to the highest operational standards.

Expand your knowledge.

Our summits always have their finger on the pulse, because we work with a board of industry insiders to set the agenda. We invite top names to present, discuss and provide insights. We cover the latest trends in operations, legal, ESG, tech, and broader issues like diversity and the wider economic and political picture. Expand your knowledge, With Intelligence.

Develop your networks.

Our summits are a brilliant opportunity to network with your peers. Find out what others are doing, catch up with news, compare challenges, talk off the record. Discuss current threats and opportunities with experts, and get fresh perspective from across and beyond the industry. Develop your contacts, With Intelligence.

Showcase your firm.

Get listed and benchmark yourself in our global, regional and strategy-focused indices. Raise your fund’s profile and use our awards as a marketing showcase; highly influential, as they are trusted to reflect how investors assess performance in the real world. Showcase your firm, With Intelligence.

Get better information.

Always be on top of the latest topics and trends. Receive in-depth performance coverage, detailed strategy reports and forensic analysis. React to new opportunities and challenges with confidence and future proof your firm’s strategy. Get better information, With Intelligence.

Discover innovation.

Get up to speed with the latest technology from industry solutions providers. Find out what other firms are doing and why. Identify who’s really leading the way, and help your firm reach the next level. At our events the discussion is always informative. And never a sales pitch. Discover innovation, With Intelligence.

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